Margus Löve has been a well known name to darktronica scientists over the years. The solo artist’s starting point after the change of millennium became the technoid end of drum&bass with the bubbling bass waves of speed garage and Löve’s style became substantially directed by dubstep that gained ground at the start of the 2000s. The name L-OW successfully propagated the bass-loving vibe at the prime time of dubstep, and in the background the dub-techno-esque parallel project 1DERL& got more and more off the ground.

Founding of the label Processed in 2012 and the release of 1DERL&’s debut album became a spiritual turning point – the allure of the sounds of dubstep shifted to the background and darker soundscapes found a new home in cooler techno trances. Margus Löve has moved still deeper in the swamp of sounds with his new project Exit Safe Mode that is striving to cut through the safety nets and broaden the palette of sounds.

The sounds are complemented by darker ambiences and rhythmic skeletons, while staying essentially loyal to the pulsating force of techno. It’s time to discover the shady territories beyond the untrodden tracks.